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About Us, Make Money Online From Home

We are on a mission, and it’s a long over-due, worthwhile mission, too. Or, at least so we like to tell ourselves. We strive to thoroughly educate anyone who wants the knowledge we posses. We want to see more people making wiser, better structured and flawlessly formatted websites and internet presences that provide at least an acceptable living for them.

For far too long there have been make believe guru’s, a title I’m absolutely sick and tired of hearing, selling “make money online courses” to newbies. And I can hear you asking, “So, what’s the problem with that?”

On face, there isn’t anything at all wrong with it. Especially in the beautiful capitalistic society we try to maintain. Unfortunately at the level just past face is where the cracks begin. These make money online courses have at least one problem the way I see it. Sometimes even two or more nasty little tricks are played on unsuspecting newbies.

Either the so-called online money making method is completely fabricated and has never actually been tested, let alone proven. Or, it leaves some of the finer nuances, in the traffic manipulation part of the model. Or it becomes real vague at very inopportune times, which most aspiring internet marketers won’t notice. And don’t even get me started on some of the price tags I see.

It’s Like They Know it’s Garbage

Of course they do, they wrote it, built it or put it together somehow plain and simple. I can tell based on the sales page at this point. And then I run into the circus gag like high price at the very bottom. Almost like they were hiding it until they could get all the drivel on the sales page down your throat. And then of course, you’d be mesmerized and they’d spring the high price on your big swooning eyes.

Alas, I won’t bore you tears by going on. Or continue to come across as some bitter and angry, jilted ex-lover who’s simply mad they’ve moved on and i’m not grown up enough to do the same. It’s “stupidly huge price tag” obvious I have seen this play out quite a few times more than a few. And yes, I’ll admit it, you’re next presumption is also correct.

They got me too. Clearly more than once. I was the eager, bright-eyed and happy go-lucky dummy who fell for a good looking sales page. You know the kind. It has the eye-catching, over-sized and bouncing, promises popping out at ya. All the nice and shiny, sparkly eye-candy for the brain buzz words calculatingly sprinkled through out it’s prose like glitter. And you think to yourself, well yeah, I can do that. This time will be different.

But it isn’t.

So after a few years of painstakingly taking pieces from here. And patches from there. And finding out on my own thru trial and error and split-test after split-test I’ll be having my revenge. While I eat my cake too.

I will be allowing anyone and everyone, come one and come all, to learn actual methods that really work. If I haven’t made it work then I won’t be telling how you can or should. Hop on over to the FAQ page right quick and check out my answer to Question #4. And that is the honest truth. I won’t tell you about methods I haven’t tried and I certainly won’t say they work.

So make sure you read carefully, and follow instructions thoroughly. You are all you really have in this business. And you are your last line of defense against paying for mistakes, or missing out on money. Take your time and always perform your due diligence. But most of all, enjoy the learning process, make good choices and take pride in your successes. On the other side of the coin, learn from your mistakes too.

That’s all, happy-go-lucky information seekers dismissed.