Make Money Online at Home – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Make money Online From Home Questions

Make Money Online From Home - FAQ's

Welcome to our Make Money Online at Home FAQ’s page! Glad you could join us. Hopefully this page is both helpful and humorous for you. We’ll be tackling the legit and serious questions regarding this “MYSTICAL” make money online thing. And we’ll be having a little fun with some of the sillier questions people have asked in this genre.

Please keep in mid we sincerely believe there no stupid questions. There are questions that could have been asked a better way and there are questions that maybe the person asking should have already known the answer. But definitely, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are no stupid questions.

Alright, who am I kidding?

Of course there are stupid questions. There are stupid answers out there too. It’s an unfortunate fact of being human, but sometimes, and we all do it, we ask a stupid question. With that out of the way, we’ll do our best to only answer questions where the answer will provide either benefit, value or some of both.

So thank you again for joining us and just so you know, these are answers to questions asked around the web. All the questions asked on this website by visitors are published with their answer on a different page. If the person asking gave us permission to post them that is. Alrighty then, let’s not waste anymore time and get right into some internet make money online based Q and A!!

Serious Questions Answered Seriously by Our Staff

Q1: Make Money Online AT HOME Free?

A: Have you ever heard the saying, “Time is Money”? You Can Make Money Online at Home going the free route. And I suppose the free route actually travels right through my lovely little site. But going the stingy tipper method on your marketing usually leads to poorer results. Free traffic can be a crap shoot in some niches. While in other niche’s it works great.

Q2: Make Money Online at Home Without Selling?

A: I have a tough time with this question. I believe we’re all really selling ourselves most the time. Every time we meet someone new. Every time we apply for a job. In fact even online people have to like your content. But in the end, yes you can make money online without selling. There are things like ad sites where you put google, or some other ad producer/publisher’s ads on your content pages. At least I hope you’ll put ’em on content pages. Kinda spammy if you don’t, donchya think?

And, as mentioned in a previous question on this page, there are survey sites and focus groups that actually pay you for your time. Although back to the selling yourself thing again, in order to qualify for focus groups and surveys you have to match the demographics the study requires…..

Q3: Is Making Money Online at Home Legit?

A: I waffled on this one for a while. Obviously, websites that have serious traffic make money. And businesses with a well known name and good sized following automatically do. As long as their web presence is setup correctly. So, I take this question to mean, is making money online legit for the everyday person? People like you and me. And that’s where my waffling took place the first couple years.

I was the victim of the “pretend guru” types. Those who sell a course with a method that sounds like it works. And they claim that they’ve made it work over and over again. But if you can’t then obviously it has something to do with you and not their method. But that’s just crap so they don’t have to refund your money. Or deal with lawsuits.

In any event, yes making money online from home is legit and very real.

Q4: Make Money Online With Amazon?

A: Well here’s one I’ve never successfully done. And I tried. A lot. Washed out at FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, and I washed out as an Amazon Affiliate. I think if I had had a bigger investment budget and I didn’t get started just before they drastically reduced the commissions I would have succeeded at FBA. But unfortunately, I failed at both of my online Amazon sales attempts. So that’s why you won’t find that type of making money online info on this site. i can’t say I’ve honestly been any good at it. Let alone good enough to tell other people how they should be doing it. So,……….go do a YouTube search. I couldn’t say for sure, but I’m positive most of those guys n gals if not all are being perfectly honest.

Start Here: Make Money With FBA Videos on YouTube

Q5: Make Money Online AT HOME With Money?

A: Awesome! Another quick one. If you have money you can invest to make money and you come up empty handed with something like the internet, should you really be investing? Ever? Anywhere? At any time?

And I know, you’re like me. I don’t like it when someone answers a question with a question. But it’s only this one time. We hope.

Q6: Is Making Money Online at Home Easy?

A: I always hate answering this question. Is it easy? Yes and no. And I hate giving that answer. Let’s see if I can clean this up and leave it with a pretty little bow….

Our slogan here is, “It’s not as easy as they tell you, but it’s not as hard as you think either.” And I honestly hope that doesn’t come across mean. I think most the time people don’t know the really important little parts that go a long way and so when they try to make money online at home or anywhere else they don’t meet with success. Any success.

So, it is easy once you know the necessary basic rules to it. It is still hard in some instances no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Yes and no is the official answer I guess. So much for the bow……………………….

Q7: Make Money Online For Paypal?

A: I’m going to make an assumption to answer this one. I’ll assume the money you earn online, whether it’s affiliate marketing, content marketing or Pay Per Click, you’re going to collect your profits via PayPal transfer. So won’t PayPal take their cut at some point? I’m going to politely suggest you should focus on making money for you. PayPal has done a way good enough job making money for PayPal. Promise.

Q8: What Websites Make Money Online?

A: This one should be fairly easy. Just about any type or style of website makes money when it’s done right. There’s a few basic things people should understand before ever taking a maiden voyage into the seas of “Making Internet Money”:

RULE 1: For 95% of Internet Businesses There is NO Get Rich Quick. Trust me there really isn’t

RULE 2: If you want to have success then you have to treat it like a regular job. Like put 8 hours a day in. Make sure you are always learning. Especially if you’re new to the whole internet thing. Consumers are becoming smarter and a lot more clever every day. The crazy price tag and wacky gimmick days are over. Well, for the most part. You have to treat it just like a brick and mortar business. People have learned how to smell a scammer. Except in the make money online niche, I guess.

RULE 3: Be honest, put your time in every day, and deliver on your promises. You’ll be just fine and it’ll all work out.

RULE 4: This is in no means an all inclusive list of, “Make Money Online at Home” rules.

With that out of the way, just about any type of website can make money if it’s done right from the beginning. Support websites, lead generation sites, brand and/or product websites, blogging and so on. But right now I’d say social media sites are the big winners these days. And, I’m sure that’ll change again too.

Q9: Make Money Online With Music?

A: I’ll say yes with only one stipulation. Enough people have to like your music, and be willing to pay for it. It seems like two stipulations, I know. But it’s not. It’s merely a two-part, single stipulation.

Q10: Can You Make Money Online at Home?

A: Oh good, an easy one. Yes. I can and have. When I tell you all the methods on this website I have done, I’m being 100% honest. And all of my advice and how-to knowledge is free. On the other hand, things like your domain name, hosting and other various tools will cost money. In all honesty though, it’s only listed on this site if I have used it, and I know it works. Where ever possible I’ve also got them to give people purchasing through this website the biggest discount possible. ‘Nuff Said!!

Q11: Make Money Online With Profit Accumulator?

A: I wasn’t sure if I was thinking of the right thing when I first read this. So I googled the term “Profit Accumulator”. It turns out I actually hadn’t heard of this one yet. So that tells you what an actually sheltered, boring existence I live. Hey, I can’t say if it does or doesn’t. So if you go try it, come back and tell me about your results. Thanks. And for those of you like me, follow This Link

Q12: Can We Make Money Online at Home?

A: Yes, yes you can. If you follow the instructions laid out in any of the tutorials or advice columns on this site, you will succeed. Am I willing to guarantee that? No. Not at all. Because then I’m just opening myself up to a lawsuit. So while I don’t guarantee it, I’m pretty confident almost anyone with an IQ higher than ahead of cabbage will make money. Hell you can even ask me questions. And I answer them for free. I can’t promise how long any one answer will take me, but I think based on this site you can tell, I try to over deliver.

Q13: Make Money Online Without a Website?

A: Yes. There are plenty of people who make money online without a website. Or so they brag. I personally have made money without a website of my own. However, any time I’ve made big money that I wanted to brag about, it’s been from a website I built for the purpose of monetizing somehow.

I do have methods listed on this website which do not require anyone to have a website to make actual money. And it’s even decent or good money in a lot of instances. But for example, most affiliate marketing sites, and CPA sites for that matter, ask on the application what website do you own/use? Moreover they want to know where you’ll be displaying their ads. So they can see what content you’re putting them next to, what kind of traffic you get and how you get it. You know, that kind of stuff.

Q14: Can You Make Money Online at Home Doing Surveys?

A: The honest, short, simple and sweet answer is an emphatic YES!!!!. But that energetic yes comes with a serious caveat. You gotta research the sites first. There are quite a few sites, not naming any names, that think they should make more than the respondent. I guess because they got the survey for you and then they also think your time is worthless. And/or that it’s okay to rip people off.

Look into Focus Groups too. But if you do enough looking around you can find survey sites that will pay you more than fairly, even beautifully for your time spent taking surveys. In fact if you visit the page titled, “Survey Sites and Focus Groups That Really Pay” on this site you can get a great list of survey sites and focus groups. That really Pay!! So, please be honest and give them accurate, honest information. Above all, every time.

Q15: Make Money Online AT HOME With Pictures?

A: Well yeah. Duh. Those pictures are called porn.

On a more serious note, I’ve never sold pictures or marketed pictures. I guess there’s actually two approaches. For example you go and take pictures of weddings or other events and people pay you. And then of course, there’s the hobbyist photog who wonders if all the random pictures of his dog, the dumb faces he makes in the car mirror and him picking his nose can actually make him cash. Subsequently, I suppose anything on the internet is just one or two impulse buyers away from starting some weird viral fad. But then again……………

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