Make Money Online With a Website


Making Money Online With Websites


You can make money online with a website that provides companionship. And you can start making money online with websites that market a specific type of product. You might even get to the point where you know how to use a few different website styles to make online loot. Maybe, you’ll be happy figuring out how to make one type of website really, really well to rake in the dough.

Of course, it always comes back to the same few principles no matter what type of website you build. You’re going to need to make sure you do a few things right first. Things we explain in great detail on pages dedicated to that specific type of site.

This page was put together to warm you up to all the different website types there are. And they will all make you money when built and marketed correctly. And before you’ve even gotten that far you already know two of the things you gotta get right.

Firstly, your site has to be structured correctly for the purpose you want it to serve. And once you’ve gotten that right you’ll need to perform a good number of marketing tests. This way you know what will bring the traffic and conversions and what won’t.

So, whether it’s a Support Website for a software program you own, a membership site or just a content marketing site, you will make money.

Topics In Make Money Online With a Website:

Make Money Online With Websites
Learn How to Make Money Online With Websites
  1. Use WordPress To Build Your Website
  2. Build a Support Website
  3. Blogging For Bucks
  4. Start a Lead Generation Site
  5. Build a Niche Website
  6. Start an E-Commerce Website
  7. Build Business or Brand Websites
  8. Build Your Own Affiliate Website
  9. Membership/Subscription Sites
  10. Content Marketing Ads Website
  11. Keywords Will Make or Break You

If you want to make money online with a website, there’s only one website platform we suggest using. And that platform is WordPress. There are two website styles you can build with WordPress. and are how the two versions are known. The main difference between the two is how your site is hosted. You’ll find out more about that below.

There are a few different styles of website you can build and make good money online with. You have E-Commerce websites where you sell products. You can also blog your day away and end up making pretty good cash, as long as you go the right route. As a popular blogger you will more than likely end up with a “podcast” too. If you really wanna make the big bucks anyway.

But let’s not let me get too far ahead of me this early in our mission.

Make Money ONline With A Website And Never Look back!!

Maybe you know a lot about a certain software like Adobe Creative Cloud. Or let’s say you’ve mastered a skill like Pay per Click(PPC). You should probably build a Support type of website. A one-stop, go-to, get all the info you need and more website. Where newbies can join and ask questions. Or download free PDF’s and just get all around help in general.

Possibly buy even a monthly membership while they spend the next 90 to 120 days learning from you. There is no reason you can’t combine two of the website concepts below. There are very many support sites that are also membership sites, to stick with our original example.

Some people will say membership sites have lost some of their steam. Just like anything else though, they’re actually still a really good way to go. Depending on your niche’s popularity there’s still a lot of people who will pay a monthly fee to get deals or receive a monthly package.

Now don’t forget how many of us spend a few months learning something new via the internet.

On the backside of all these digital shops are people just like you and me. And they started out with the same idea. I am going to make money online with a website!! It’s the truth. The biggest websites on the internet all started out as a dream, a domain name and someone looking for hosting.

The important thing is to not stress yourself out. You found the website that has all the answers. If you want to make money online with websites all you need to do is bookmark us. Then join our Facebook Group, Follow us on Twitter and make sure to utilize all the free info here you can.

I mean it. For example, look through the widgets in the footer and in the sidebars with an “Eagle Eye”. There are a lot of free PDF tutorials about building many different money making websites you can download.

Build Your Website With WordPress

If you go with they will do all the hosting. However you cannot increase your capabilities because you cannot upload plug-ins. And, for that matter, you can’t upload any theme’s either. You’re fairly limited with, unless you pay for upgrades and get more functionality. It would seem to me if you have the money to buy upgrades from the free version you should take that money and use it for a domain name and hosting.

Not to mention your domain name is a subdomain. For example, if you were building a weight-loss niche site, your domain name would be something like,

Now on the other hand, is where you download the free WP software to install and start building your blog or website. And your wordpress website is built with hosting and at the domain name address you paid for. It also means you can use custom or premium themes, upload plug-ins and make code edits. If you want to go as far as the code editing/developer side of things. It’s my humble opinion that this software is user friendly, Fairly SEO ready out of the box and with all the different plug-ins you can add, it’s the only way to go. You should definitely Use WordPress to Build Your Website.

Make Money Online With a Support Website

Building a support site is generally done by the owner of a tech industry business. A good example is the owner of a “SAAS” product. “SAAS” stands for “Software as A Service”. This is a wise move on their part. For a number of reasons when you look at it. Apple Products, the brain child of Steve Jobs, has a support website dedicated to all their products.

Support sites serve a three-fold purpose for the owners of these sites. First thing this type of site does is It allows them to get a lot of priceless insight into their products. A plethora of observations like what a newer product is doing right, doing wrong or needs to do more or less of.

Blogging Done Right Makes Money

If you’re going to make your internet fortune blogging, then you definitely want to use WordPress. And especially if you’re just getting started in 2020. If you’re starting with absolutely zero dollars, even though your options are limited, you’ll want to go with They set up you’re blog by creating a sub-domain first. This will be the address where the mass public can find your blog. The URL for your blog will simply be the title of your blog +

So let’s say your blog is about cheese because you love cheese. Who doesn’t right? Anyhoo, you make the title of your blog, “Cheese is Amazing”. So the url for your website, at, will be

Alright, relax, I can hear you. Cheese is amazing and that’s great but I don’t want to make a blog about cheese. And that’s okay. You don’t have to. So let’s say that all you know is it’s high-time you get in on your cut of that sweet, sweet blogger loot. All you have to do is identify what you can build a blog about.

Simply Ask Yourself These Two Questions

In order to figure out the subject you’ll berate all the visitors to your blog with,ask yourself these 2 simple questions.

  1. “Is This a Subject I Have an Education In?” or “Is This a Subject I’m Happy to Spend Time Learning About?”
  2. “Am I the Only Soul on This Planet Who Cares About This Subject?”

If you answered “YES” to either version of #1 and “NO” to question #2, congratulations you’ve found the subject/topic of your new blog. Now you should perform a little research to make sure you’re not crazy. By simply using Google and doing a quick search for your topic

Creating Lead Generation WebSites

Lead Generation websites bring home the bacon when they’re built right. But that’s only one part of a truly successful lead generating web property. In fact, you probably don’t know this yet, but your leads will only be as good as the website capturing them. It is important to know which types of traffic work for the various niches.

For example, one traffic method I tried would not convert into life insurance leads no matter how convincing I was.

On the other hand, if you start ranking for the right keywords you’ll be drowning in high-quality leads. And you shouldn’t have any problem finding life insurance agents to buy your leads. Whether your leads are in one state or multiple states. It is definitely a work force dependent on their leads.

And obviously life insurance isn’t the only industry you can collect leads for.

However, like most things in life, there is good news and bad news when it comes to harvesting leads online.

First, I’ll start with what might be considered the bad news. You’re going to be building and split-testing your own landing page. Fortunately for you, it’s nowhere near as hard as it sounds or use to be. We have all kinds of programs to build the pages and forms. And we even have graphic design programs we can make amazing art with.

You also have the benefit of all the internet and affiliate marketers who have came before you. By looking at examples of some of the best converting lead generation websites, you can learn precisely what works — and most importantly, why it works.

Above all else there are two things you need to do better than everyone else when building lead gen websites. I’ll start with the second thing You’re going to spend time testing. And then spend some more time testing. And by the time you wrap up that testing, you’ll be ready to wrap-up some more testing. Long before you get to the point where you’ll be split testing the data out of it, make sure you do this.

If you want your online lead generation to be more than just wasted effort you’ll need to do this first and foremost. decide exactly what the end goal for your lead generating website is.

Building a Niche Website

Niche websites are quite lucrative if you really know a niche’s lingo. This is why the best idea when building your first niche website is to use a niche you know. This way you know the lingo, product or parts companies, as well as some keywords to start with.

If I don’t sound like a broken record yet, I will by the time this post is over. You will be doing yourself a great many number of favors by using WordPress to build your niche website. Due to the structuring of WordPress it’s ideal for SEO, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization. You start out in great shape with a WordPress website. Because of a few simple changes you can make to the site structure. Then you add the help of a few choice plug-ins and you’re ready to compete for keyword phrases in your niche.

The best niche sites, making the most dough are using long tail keywords. This is why using a niche familiar to you will get you off to a good head start. This makes more sense after you read the section at the bottom about keyword research. And then it will make perfect sense after you read “Keyword Research Done the Right Way”. But for now let’s get back to talking about building niche websites to start bringing in your internet fortunes!

Lots of internet talking heads will be quick to tell you

Sell Products on E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are one of the original styles of websites used to make money online from home. And they have become finely tuned, sales making machines. And they can definitely net their owner a lot of cashola. While e-commerce sites are more high maintenance, and have more moving parts than other websites, they can make a lot of money when focused on a specific set of products. ESpecially with the right amount of video marketing and social media presence. Once you have those traffic flows working right for you you add PPC, Pay per Click, as the 3rd traffic flow. And get ready to always be looking for better shipping rates and deals.

Brand or Business Websites

If you already have your own brand or business than this is obviously the website for you. Or if you think you can land a lot of business or brand owners as clients, this will work. It’s almost color by number when it comes to these websites and they might be the easiest to build. especially with the WordPress platform.

Make sure you do your Keyword Research right and find at least 50 longtail keywords for your brand or business and you’re ready to go. The brand or business you own or land as a client will be making money online in no tie. just make sure you’re constantly keeping up with keyword research. As a brand or business adds new products or features search terms/keywords will increase for example.

Build Your Own Affiliate Website

Build your own affiliate website and allow yourself to make money being the middle man. This requires some very thorough long-tail keyword research. You want to identify the three and four word phrases with fair to low competition and get at least 300 monthly searches.

Membership/Subscription Sites

Membership/Subscription websites do especially well when you put the right twist on the evergreen markets. Beauty, Love, Health and Wealth are the main four known as “The Evergreens”. But in all honestly you can add a fifth niche to the main list, foods/snacks. And from there you can come up with all kinds of off-shoots that will be just as successful.

There’s a number of membership plug-ins you can use with WordPress, both free and paid for that will make money. You can easily start with a free plug-in setup on WordPress. And once you’ve piled up a number of monthly subscribers and amassed some decent cash you can migrate toa paid plug-in.

Content Marketing/Advertisement Website

Content Marketing is a method used for obtaining traffic to make money online with websites. But it also happens to be a very effective style of WordPress website you can build to run advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Due to the way WordPress builds are structured it’s easy to get their SEO right. Then with well written and structured content you can start making sales pretty quickly.

No Matter What Type of Site, keywords are King

Whether you are going to build a support website or a lead generation site your success depends on your keyword research. Make no mistake about it, keyword research is absolutely vital to your internet existence. If you’re going to reach large segments of people, or any customers at all, you’ll need to do top-notch “Keyword Research”.

So if you’re going to Make Money Online With a Website you’re going to need to make keyword research your best friend. Or definitely find someone who does, has or will make this tedious task their best friend. And lucky for you we divulge a great method for performing this task. This task that will make or break your online success before you ever start building any website.